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OR202 Sidewalk Project

OR202: Dresden Street - 4th Street


The OR202 Sidewalk Project includes construction of new sidewalk, bike lane, and drainage improvements along the north side of the OR202 highway from Astoria High School to Hanover Street. The highway along most of the project alignment will also be repaved. Funding for the pedestrian improvements is being provided by the ODOT Transportation Enhancement Program.  The total estimated project cost is $5,707,000 including design, permitting, and construction.  ODOT will be providing approximately $5.17 million in funding and the City will be responsible for a match of about $536,000. Most of the City’s match will be provided from the ODOT Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) Program funds. 

Construction of this project is scheduled for Summer 2024. You can visit ODOT's project webpage for more information.

Questions? Contact the Public Works Engineering Division at 503-338-5173