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Tue, Jul 05, 2016

Astoria Parks Key Fob
What does this mean for you?
Starting July 1 when you purchase an Aquatic Center Pass or Land and Water Pass, you'll be assigned a Parks key fob
 to check in at the Astoria Parks and Recreation facilities associated with your account. With your card you can easily register for sports or classes, renew your memberships, check-in at the pool or sign-in for childcare. We’ll also have record of your membership pass purchase. If you forget to bring your key fob or it gets lost or stolen, we can issue you a new one at no cost or loss to you. With your member key fob, you will eventually be able to use our online registration and membership renewal as well.
Regular Month to Month Pass Prices
So far this year we have been offering you the automatic renewal discount price each month. This is $10 less than the regular month to month price of a membership. Beginning in July the rates will go back to their regular monthly price. 
Aquatic Center Pass: Senior/Youth - $50, Adult - $60, Family - $80
Land and Water Pass: Adult - $80, Family- $ 100 (no discount for youth or seniors)
Drop-In: Senior/Youth $5.50, Adult $7.50
Monthly ACH Membership (automatic withdrawal from bank)
ith the automatic renewal (ACH), you’ll continue to save $10 on the price of the monthly pass and it will conveniently be debited from your checking or savings account each month. You can cancel your membership by giving us a call at least two weeks before the end of the month. You will then return to the regular monthly pass rate. To get the ACH payment started, please bring a check or have your routing and account information ready at check out.
Punch Passes
Punch passes in their current form will no longer be sold starting July 1. Instead, we will be selling $50 (or more) Cash Cards for 20% off. This means you will be receiving your discount upfront instead of during each visit. There will no longer be a Punch Pass rate for drop ins.
When you purchase your Cash Card you can reload it as needed. As long as you are a registered household, your card number will remain on your file. This will ensure that in the event that your card is lost or stolen it can be canceled and reissued for the exact amount. If you just forget your card, we can look up the number for you. No more lost cards=lost cash.
We will still redeem any Punch Passes sold prior to our July 1 launch. You can trade them in for a Cash Card - at exact value. Or continue to use it until it’s empty. 
Families with kids enrolled in summer camps and child care have received letters regarding the changes specific to those programs at the Rec Center and Lil' Sprouts. 

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