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Astoria Aquatic Center Wins Safety Award

Tue, Jan 30, 2018

ASTORIA, OR: The Astoria Aquatic Center was recently awarded the “2017 Silver International Aquatic Safety Award” by Jeff Ellis & Associates. The “silver” distinction is awarded to facilities who consistently ‘exceed’ aquatic safety criteria for certification for a given year.

“I am very proud of the dedication and commitment to safety shown by my staff to earn this recognition,” said Terra Patterson, Aquatics Supervisor for the Astoria Aquatic Center. “As a manager, safety is my top priority in running the Astoria Aquatic Center, and this award is a direct reflection of that effort.”

Ellis and Associates is an international aquatic safety and risk management consulting firm dedicated to the prevention and elimination of drowning. They provide lifeguard training, Aquatic Risk Management services, Accident Investigation, and Learn to Swim and Continuing Education programs for aquatic facilities around the world.

As an Ellis and Associates licensed facility, the Astoria Aquatic center receives unannounced quarterly audits. During these audits, the facility is graded on the following criteria:  individual lifeguard observation, supervisor observation, vigilance awareness evaluation, simulated emergency observation, and a facility administration evaluation. 

This is the second year in a row that the Astoria Aquatic Center has received this coveted award, in which only 30% of Ellis & Associates’ accredited facilities receive this distinction.

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