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Astoria Parks & Recreation Foundation to Support Furloughed Federal Employees Affected by Government Shutdown

Sat, Jan 19, 2019

ASTORIA OR: In response to the number of furloughed federal employees in the community, the Astoria Parks, Recreation, and Community Foundation and the Astoria Parks and Recreation Department will be offering scholarships to federal government employees to access family fitness passes, swim lessons, and or other non-childcare related recreational programs for themselves or their children. Fitness passes will be offered on a month to month basis for the duration of the government shutdown.

“This is about supporting our community,” Says Tim Williams, Astoria Parks and Recreation Director. “Part of our mission is to provide ways to inspire and bring neighbors and visitors together. This is the right thing to do for those that serve our community and our country by enabling them to de-stress in a healthy way, and provide opportunities to enjoy recreational activities with their family during such a difficult time.”

Federal Employees who work for the National Parks Service, United States Coast Guard, and the United States Military, for example, are invited to come to the Astoria Recreation Center located at 1555 W. Marine Drive, or the Astoria Aquatic Center located at 1997 Marine Drive to fill out an application and show proof of employment with an active military ID or recent paystub.

The Astoria Parks, Recreation, and Community Foundation, along with Astoria Parks and Recreation, hosts three fundraisers each summer. Proceeds from these events provide scholarships for local individuals and families to access health and wellness opportunities. Last year over $30,000 was raised and nearly 1,000 individuals were awarded scholarships in our community.

For those who are interested in making donations to the Foundation to support scholarships to federal employees, donations may be made online. Your generous donation to the City of Astoria Parks, Recreation, and Community Foundation is fully tax deductible under Section 170(c)(1), the US Internal Revenue Service. This section allows contributions to or for the use of a state, or any political subdivision thereof, to be tax deductible.

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The mission of Astoria Parks & Recreation is to provide life-long learning, wellness, and well-being through recreational opportunities and is dedicated to the preservation of natural resources, open spaces and facilities that inspire and bring neighbors together.


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