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File for an Elected Office

Hilary Norton
Director of Finance and Administrative Services

Susan Brooks
Assistant Finance Director

Kathryn Christensen
Accounts Payable / Payroll
apinvoices@astoria.gov / payroll@astoria.gov

Carol Canham
Staff Accountant

Jo Johnson
Water/Sewer Clerk

Kristy Shivers
Municipal Court Clerk


Candidate Checklist

Candidates may file for positions beginning on Wednesday, June 5, 2024.

1. _____ Completely fill out SEL 101 (check box for "Prospective Petition"), sign and date
2. _____ Fill out Candidate information for SEL 121
3. _____ Submit these forms to CITY ELECTIONS OFFICER (Finance Director, 3rd Floor, City Hall) for approval and assignment of Petition Number.

Note: Form SEL 101 and SEL 121 must be filed before a petition is circulated for signatures.

4. _____ Circulate petition for signatures AFTER ELECTIONS OFFICER APPROVES FORMS. We suggest that you obtain a few more than the required number of signatures, in the event that a signer is not registered in your ward.
5. _____ To complete the filing process the candidate must ensure each signature sheet is signed and dated by the circulator and submitted to the CITY ELECTIONS OFFICER with Form SEL 338 Petition Submission, for verification. (Note: Please allow time for County Elections Department to verify signatures and notify the City) Signatures must be verified with Clatsop County Elections.

The filing deadline is Tuesday, August 27, 2024 before 5:00 PM which means all verified information (from the County Elections Office) must be in to City and approved before the candidate information is provided for the November 5, 2024 General Election.

Note: We encourage you to file as early as possible in order to ensure signature requirements are met. If you will be filing close to the deadline, you may wish to obtain a few additional signatures to be sure of having the required number of valid signatures.

6. _____ SEL 220 - Statement of Organization form, must be completed when contributions or expenditures exceed $750.
7. _____ Candidates may withdraw using
SEL 150. The deadline for withdrawal is Friday, August 30, 2024.
8. _____ Voters’ Pamphlet is handled through Clatsop County Election Office. 
The Deadline for filing the form and paying associated fee to the County  for Voters’ Pamphlet is Monday, September 9, 2024.

NOTE: If a candidate serves as his/her own treasurer, does not have a campaign committee AND does not expect to receive or spend more than $750 for the entire election, the candidate is not required to file the Statement of Organization or contribution and expenditure reports.  If the candidate, at any time, exceeds the $750 limit in either contributions or expenditures, the Statement of Organization and expenditure reports must be filed.  See the Campaign Finance Manual for additional information