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Special Event Permits


The City of Astoria issues Special Event Permits for the portions of a special event venue and the related event components located within the City of Astoria that places an additional demand on City resources, that also incorporate the use of City public streets, sidewalks, rights-of-ways; City public parks and City owned property; and outdoor private property, only when the property is part of a special event venue that includes City public property (such as a parking lot used as part of a festival’s venue). A special event will be defined as an activity that consists of at least three (3) of the criteria listed below:

Criteria that Establishes a need for a Special Event Permit

  •          Event is open and/or advertised to the general public.
  •         Event includes the sale of food, beverages, alcohol, merchandise, services and/or has a requirement for the general public to pay an admission fee for entry.
  •          Creation and use of temporary structures, ie stages, canopies, tents or platforms, or use of temporary power supply.
  •          Any event to be held at a public facility or City Park with a projected attendance of 200 or more people.
  •          Any event that will require the use of City resources for security including: parking and/or traffic control, crowd control, emergency services, and medical services.
  •          Event requires that amenities are closed to the general public (i.e., main roads, sidewalks, trails, shelters, etc.) from their normal use for a specified period of time in order to hold the event.
  •          Anytime an event, party or activity expects to draw 100 people or more into the public ROW
  •          Anytime an event is held on private property and the event affects or impacts the City, surrounding public, or private property or which may involve an improper use of the property under the City ordinances such as zoning restrictions, noise restrictions, temporary portable sign permits etc..

Primary Documents:

Secondary Documents:

Guiding Documents:

Timeline, Notification and Permit Process:

  1. Submit your completed Special Event Permit Application to the City Manager's Office at rquigley@astoria.gov or in person on the 3rd floor of City Hall (1095 Duane St) at least 45 days prior to proposed event. 
  2. City staff will review the application and notify the organizer of the next steps and permits/approvals needed within five (5) days of receiving application.
  3. The organizer will work to fulfill their requirements to obtain their required permits, and approvals before the start of the event. Organizer should be aware of timeframe for each permit/approval. City staff recommend that all permits/approvals are completed well in advance of the event.
  4. Once all permits, approvals, and attached fees are received, the event organizer will be approved to hold the event and receive their special event permit.

Point of Contact:

The City Manager's Office processes Special Event Permits and will be the applicant's primary point of contact throughout the application process.

For any questions please get in contact with the City Manager's Office via email: rquigley@astoria.gov or phone (503)325-5824.