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Hazardous Materials Team

Dan Crutchfield
Fire Chief

Terry Corbit
Deputy Chief of Training and Operations

Brian McCarthy
Deputy Chief, Fire Marshal - Emergency Manager

Casey Litwin
Administrative Assistant

Station Headquarters
555 30th Street
Astoria, Oregon 97103

The Astoria Fire Department Hazardous Materials Team was formed in 1991 and designated as the Astoria Region 11 Team. The team works in conjunction with the statewide Regional Hazardous Materials Emergency Response System and consists of career and volunteer firefighters, law enforcement, and public works employees. The Office of State Fire Marshal works with the regional team to ensure proper training, equipment, and exams are provided for each team member.

Response Area
The Region 11 HazMat Team covers Clatsop County and part of Columbia County. The team is always available to respond to assist any of their 12 regional teams within the State of Oregon. Map of the Oregon Regional HazMat Team Boundaries

Region 11 Team responds to hazardous materials emergency incidents that exceed the resources of local jurisdictions. They are a technical resource for local incident commanders. Team members are trained to the technician level and are equipped to provide Level A, B, C, and D response. In addition, they have received specialized training and equipment through the Department of Homeland Security to prepare them for response to a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive (CBRNE). The regional teams provide outreach training to local responders and industry to ensure communities are prepared to respond to a hazardous materials incident and create safer communities.


Team members attend a minimum of 160 hours of specialized training to become hazardous materials technicians. Technician training in Oregon is standardized ensuring all team members have the same basic training. Team members are required to take annual refresher training and must complete the Oregon Regional Hazardous Materials Response Teams Task Book every two years.


Program Funding
The Regional Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Teams program is funded through the Petroleum Load Fee authorized in OAR 837-090-1145. The fee is collected each time a load of petroleum products is withdrawn from a bulk facility or imported into the state.

This program is based on a partnership with local government, the Oregon State Fire Marshal and industry wherein resources are shared to create a program that is both economical and successful.

Team Activation
When the local first responder on scene determines that an incident is beyond their level of training and equipment, the incident commander requests a team through the Oregon Emergency Response System (OERS). OERS notifies the Oregon State Fire Marshal duty officer and other appropriate agencies.

Oregon Emergency Response System
OERS 800-452-0311

For more information about the Regional 11 HazMat Team contact:
Wade Mathews
Regional 11 HazMat Team Coordinator
(503) 325-2345

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