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Astor West Urban Renewal Area Expansion

The Astor West Urban Renewal Area (URA) was established by the Astoria Development Commission (ADC) in 2002 as an important catalyst for the Port of Astoria industrial area and Uniontown commercial district. A number of projects have been completed in the URA since that time. As a result, there is an opportunity to reconsider the future of the Astor West URA and how it can be a more effective tool for community revitalization, economic development, and redevelopment. With this in mind, the City Council established FY 15-16 goals to “Develop a Master Plan for the Western Entrance to Astoria” and “Promote Positive Economic Development Through Strengthening Partnerships.”

An overall concept goal that recognizes existing Council direction and aligns multiple policy goals is to establish a five year action plan for investing Astor West URA funds. There are three objectives that could be achieved to accomplish this goal: 1) Develop a framework for revitalizing the West Marine Corridor from the Young’s Bay entrance to Uniontown (Columbia Avenue), 2) Develop a citywide economic development strategy that also incorporates the Port of Astoria’s industrial holdings, and 3) Conduct an expansion study to consider amending the URA boundary from Columbia Avenue to include the Bond Street slide area.

On May 2, 2016 the Astoria Development Commission authorized executing a contract with Elaine Howard Consultants to conduct a plan amendment study for the Astor West Urban Renewal District. 

For questions, please email comdev@astoria.gov

ADC Memo March 2016
ADC Memo May 2016 
Open House Announcement
Urban Renewal 101 - 2016 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
7-28-16 Map - Proposed Addition
7-28-16 Map - Bond Street TSP Designation
7-28-16 Map - Bond Street Before 
7-28-16 Map - Bond Street After 
8-1-16 ADC Memo
8-1-16 ADC Power Point Presentation
8-1-16 Email Update
9-6-16 Draft AWUR Plan - Amendment 1 
9-6-16 Draft AWUR Plan - Amendment 1 Report 
9-6-16 Email Update
10-3-16 ADC Memo 
10-3-16 ADC Power Point Presentation
10-5-16 Taxing District Letter (Mailed with 9-6-16 Amendment & Report above)
10-10-16 Email Update
10-20-16 Email - Open House 10-25-16
10-25-16 Planning Commission Staff Report
11-3-16 City Council Memo - 1st Reading
11-10-16 City Council Memo - 2nd Reading
11-25-16 Public Notice
11-28-16 Email Update
Adopted Plan 11-21-16
Adopted Report 11-21-16