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Code Compliance

Code Compliance


The City’s Code Compliance program responds to complaints on private property that are identified in the City Code as follows:

·         Blocking public sidewalk access

·         Construction work without a permit

·         Directing drainage onto a neighboring property

·         Excessive noise or lighting

·         Exterior property maintenance including broken or non-functioning egress doors, windows, sidewalks, parking areas, walls, handrails, stairs, etc.

·         Fire hazards

·         Overgrown vegetation

·         Pest infestation

·         Storage of junk, debris, or hazardous materials

·         Unpermitted signage

·         Unpermitted businesses including Home Stay Lodging and home-based businesses

·         Vacant or derelict buildings


Complaint Form: Complaints may be made anonymously and can be submitted by completing this Complaint Form.    

Welfare Check: If you are concerned about someone's safety, please contact Astoria Police Department's non-emergency dispatch at 503-325-4411 to request a welfare check.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes: Disputes between a landlord and tenant are a civil matter in which the City of Astoria cannot become involved. Tenants should obtain legal counsel if they believe their tenant rights are being violated. For assistance, go to Oregon Law Help Website or call 503-648-7723.

Property Line Disputes: Property line disputes are a civil matter in which the City cannot become involved. If markers are not present on your property, property owners are encouraged to have a licensed professional conduct a survey to identify property lines.