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Astor West Urban Renewal District Storefront Improvement Program

The Astoria Development Commission (ADC) approved a storefront improvement program for the Astor West Urban Renewal District on September 6, 2016. The purpose of the program is to revitalize designated commercial districts and corridors such as West Marine Drive in Uniontown, which has many inventoried historic commercial buildings. Executed correctly, exterior improvements improve visibility for the business, increase sales, address public safety concerns, and catalyze other property owners to make investments in their buildings and tenant spaces.  It can be a creative tool used to help fill or reimagine vacant and underutilized storefronts and add vitality to the neighborhood.

The program will be administered as a grant/loan depending on the amount that is requested. For the first $10,000, it would be a 50/50 matching grant administered by city staff.  If the amount is $10,000-$50,000 it would require ADC review and approval and leverage ratio would increase to 75/25 match grant.  If the amount exceeds $50,000, it would require ADC approval and be underwritten as a loan through Craft3.  The expected planned expenditure from the Astor West Urban Renewal District budget is $250,000 per fiscal year.

To get more information and schedule an onsite consultation please email comdev@astoria.gov

Storefront Improvement Program Postcard
Storefront Improvement Program Guidelines
Storefront Improvement Program Design Guidelines
Storefront Improvement Program Criteria Item Checklist