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Engineering is a Division of the Public Works Department. Our goal is to serve the public by managing critical infrastructure and water services, mitigating the impact of construction projects, keeping our city safe for the traveling public, protecting the water of the Columbia River, providing permit approval and land development review.

The Engineering Division is responsible for a wide range of current and future capital improvements projects taking place within the City. We perform or manage all engineering and technical services for the City, including design work and contract administration for the city water system, sanitary sewer system, docks, streets, sidewalks, storm drainage and other public works projects. You can find Public Information and Project Information in the side navigation bar.

The Engineering Division supports development by issuing and inspecting permits for street cuts, driveways, sidewalks, water service connections, storm drainage connections, sanitary sewer connections, grading and erosion control, public works construction, and temporary street use and sound amplification. We participate in development review in collaboration with the Community Development Department.

We also maintain Public Works records such as the City utility maps, as-built drawings and our Geographical Information System (GIS).

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