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Heritage Square Concept Design and Redevelopment / The Future of the Library

Heritage Square: Phase 1 – Feasibility

Heritage Square is 1.5 acre redevelopment opportunity located in downtown Astoria between Duane & Exchange and 11th & 12th Streets. Duane Street is a main corridor through the central business district serving multiple businesses, such as a bank, brewery, hotels, and other small businesses. Heritage Square is a catalyst project whereby significant public investment is expected to attract private investors along the street revitalizing the corridor, encouraging property owners and businesses to reinvest, and create a more active street to compliment the area between 13th & 15th on Duane.

The City of Astoria has actively worked on remediating soils from the site to prepare it for eventual reinvestment. With a generous grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, the City is able to fund the removal of soils from the site.

Once the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) issues a “Notice of No Further Action” it will allow the City to move forward with redevelopment of the site. Click here for more information on the environmental remediation.

In August 2015, the Astoria Development Commission authorized a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to hire a design team to assist the city with locating community uses on the site. In September 2015, the ADC authorized a contract to hire Walker | Macy to assist the City with locating a library, plaza, parking, and housing on the Heritage Square site. The American Legion building will remain on site while the Garden of Surging Waves recently opened in May 2014.

Also in September, the Mayor appointed a Project Advisory Committee to provide City staff and Council with advice on siting various community uses, engaging the public, designing the site to meet multiple needs, and explore redevelopment options.

Cyndi Mudge: Sunday Market
Dulcye Taylor: ADHDA
Paul Caruana: Historic Landmarks Commission
Sean Fitzpatrick: Planning Commission
Norma Hernandez: Parks Board Chair/North Coast Food Web Board
Kate Summers: Library Board Chair
Genny Butenshon: Columbia Bank - At Large
Dan Stein: At Large Member  

As part of the project, the PAC developed and approved the following values on to help guide their decision-making process.

-  Public access
-  Economic redevelopment
-  Community focused
-  Sustainable
-  Innovative
-  Adaptability
-  Historically respective and significant (*heritage*)
-  Integration

Meeting Schedule, Overall Timeline, Process & Related Documents

-  October 8 - Project Advisory Committee @ 6:30-8:30 pm – Flag Room (Library)
-  October 15 - Project Advisory Committee @ 6:30-8:30 pm – Flag Room (Library)
-  October 21 - Public Workshop/Open House Presentation  @ 9 am to 7 pm –   Fort George Brewery
-  Public Workshop/Open House Summary
[Comments from the Public Workshop/Open House are being accepted until   December 1, 2015 - We appreciate your input!]
-  October 27 - Planning Commission Work Session @ 7 pm – Council Chambers
-  October 28 - Parks Board @ 6:30 am - Astoria Recreation Center
-  November 5 - Project Advisory Committee @ 6:30-8:30 pm – Flag Room (Library)
-  November 19 - Project Advisory Committee @ 6:30-8:30 pm - Flag Room (Library)
-  November 24 - Library Board @ 5:30-6:30 pm - Flag Room (Library)
-  December 2 - Parks Board @ 6:30 am - Astoria Recreation Center
-  December 7 - City Council Final Presentation @ 6:00 pm - Council Chambers
-  December 7 - Astoria Development Commission Power Point Presentation 
-  December 7 - Astoria Development Commission Heritage Square Agenda, Memo, and Report 
-  September 21, 2015 Astoria Development Commission Memo 
-  Walker | Macy Contract for Services 
January 22, 2016 Astoria Development Commission Memo 
-  February 1, 2016 Astoria Development Commission Memo

Phase 2:  Feasibility - Library Options

The City Council adopted a FY15-16 goal to investigate locating the Astoria Public Library as part of a mixed use project within Heritage Square. On December 7, 2015, staff presented three options for a new mixed-use library at Heritage Square as part of the first phase of a feasibility study. On January 12, the City Council held a work session on Heritage Square and discussed the various options for locating a library at the existing site on 10th Street & Duane. On February 1, the Astoria Development Commission (ADC) directed staff to develop an amended contract with Walker | Macy, the original design firm the City hired to develop options for Heritage Square. Hacker, an architecture firm that specializes in library design, is a sub consultant that will provide design services for the next phase.

The objective of the second phase of the feasibility study is to narrow the list of options for siting a library. Ideally, one options will rise to the top that would move into the "schematic design" phase.

A library feasibility study will include a comparative analysis of the following:

  • Library retained in current location, completely renovated with usable library space in the basement.
  • Library retained in current location, completely renovated with a new addition on the adjacent parking lot.
  • Library retained in current location, completely renovated with a new addition on the Waldorf Hotel site, which would require acquisition and demolition.
  • Library retained in current location, completely renovated with a new addition using the Waldorf Hotel site, which would require acquisition or lease agreement.
  • Review of existing cost estimates for the library portion of the Heritage Square concept.

A schedule of public meetings for Phase 2 will be posted soon. Check the City Calendar for the latest updates.

Below is a basic, high level, timeline for the project.  Each milestone requires City Council or ADC authorization to move forward.

- September-December 2015: Phase 1: Predevelopment Feasibility Study -
Heritage Square
- January-June 2016: Phase 2: Predevelopment Feasibility Study -
Library Options
- July-December 2016: Schematic Design/Revised Cost Estimate
- 2017: Design Development/Final Construction 

Project Related Documents:

- May 25, 2016 The Future of the Library Open House Presentation 

Project Contact Info:

Kevin A. Cronin, AICP
Community Development Director
City of Astoria
1095 Duane Street
Astoria, OR 97103
503-338-5183 (w)
971-704-4821 (c)