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System Development Charges

System Development Charges (SDCs)

SDC VisualSDCs are one-time fees assessed on new development to cover their fair share of the costs of existing and planned water, storm drainage, wastewater (sanitary sewer), transportation or parks infrastructure that provides, or will provide, capacity for growth. Local cities including Warrenton, Seaside and Cannon Beach currently have SDCs in place.

Legislative Authority SDCs are enabled by State statute (ORS 223.297-223.316) and authorized by local ordinance (23-06). 

Purpose SDCs ensure there are adequate public facilities to serve new development, pay for capital improvement projects (not operations or maintenance), are a way for new development to contribute to the costs of facilities needed to serve new development (without imposing a burden on existing development), and are not assessed on properties which are already developed unless they change use or increase in size and demand. SDCs are not taxes; they are intended to recover a fair share of the cost of existing and planned facilities that provide capacity to serve future growth. This ensures our public infrastructure keeps pace with new development by distributing the costs of increased services on new development, not on existing development.

SDCs in Astoria

Process A SDC estimate for your project may be requested by emailing the Engineering Division at engpermits@astoria.gov. Per ACC § 2.840, the City shall collect the applicable SDC from the permittee when a permit that allows building or development of a parcel is issued or when a connection to the water, storm drainage, or wastewater system of the city is made. The permit shall not be issued nor such a connection be allowed until the charge has been paid in full, or unless an exemption is granted pursuant to ACC § 2.845 of this ordinance.

SDC Information per Astoria City Code § 2.890:

  Service TypeCharge Basis$ Rate as of 12/01/23
 WaterMeter Capacity Equivalent (MCE) 1,317.00
 Wastewater (Sanitary Sewer)Meter Capacity Equivalent (MCE) 175.00
 Storm DrainageImpervious Square Foot (ISF) 0.98
 TransportationPM Peak Hour Person Trip (PM phpt) 1,558.00
 ParksResidential Equivalent (RE) 95.00

Timeline of SDC Implementation

  • 03/09/2020: Astoria City Council participated in a work session about SDCs.
  • 09/06/2022: Astoria City Council authorized FCS GROUP to provide the calculations of the City’s first SDCs (read their final report here).
  • 06/30/2023: Pursuant to ORS 223.304, the City of Astoria posted a 90-day public notice identifying the City of Astoria's intent to implement SDCs at a public hearing on 10/02/2023.
  • 07/27/2023: Astoria City Council held a work session to discuss SDCs, review the draft technical report addressing the methodology and calculation of proposed SDCs and review a draft of the SDC ordinance.
  • 07/28/2023: Information from the 07/27/2023 work session was posted publicly.
  • 09/14/2023: Astoria City Council continued the work session related to SDCs.
  • 10/02/2023: Astoria City Council held a public hearing and first reading of the SDC ordinance.
  • 10/23/2023: Astoria City Council adopted ordinance 23-06 to insert a new Section 2.8 into the Astoria City Code.
  • 11/20/2023: Astoria City Council adopted the first SDC resolution (23-37) for a phased implementation of the recommended SDCs beginning 12/01/2023.
  • 12/01/2023: SDC rates from resolution 23-37 become effective.

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