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Homeowners & Building Permits

First verify that you are authorized to submit a Building Permit application as allowed by the Oregon State Building Codes. In the majority of instances a licensed contractor will be necessary to submit for a building permit.  After a building permit is submitted through our state e-Permitting program, you or your contractor will receive emailed messages with instructions and payment options.

Once your application and plans have been reviewed by the Building Official, the total amount due for your permit will be calculated. The Building Official will need a project cost in order to provide a fee estimate. 

Every Building Permit application is required to have a site plan in addition to the building plans, a detailed description of work with calculations, and other required documents. Current review times are estimated at 3 - 9 months depending on the scope of the project.

Please allow more time if the scope of your project also needs Planning and/or Engineering review. 

Before you submit a new building application make sure to verify what other city approvals are required. Our interactive map is a great tool to see property information such as zoning, historic designation, lot size, landslide susceptibility and more. 

To verify the allowed uses for your property first identify the zone (ex. R-1, R-2, C-3, etc.) the property is located in from our mapping program then review the allowed uses and necessary approvals from our Development Code. City Planning staff can direct you further on these steps if needed by submitting questions to planning@astoria.gov or through this link.

Homeowners & Building Inspections

After you have received approval of your Building Permit application, and made full payment, your Permit has been Issued and inspections can start. All inspections are initiated by you and you are responsible for keeping track of your application and its progress.



The Oregon ePermitting program allows the public to view all development and building permit applications and supporting documents, apply for permits, and schedule inspections. Starting January 1, 2023 the City of Astoria planning applications may be viewed.


Public Records

Building Permits (since 2016) and Planning applications (since 2023) can be viewed through the Oregon State e-Permitting software. Everyone can search by address without creating a login.

The City of Astoria is a member of Oregon Records Management Solutions (ORMS) allowing staff to increase citizen access to public records. You may Search for Records such as Ordinances, Resolutions, Financial Statements, Meeting Minutes, Agendas, and more.

Public Records Requests or Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests are processed through the City Manager's Office. All requests must be submitted via email using the correct web form with directly is sent to the City Manager's Office. Submit FOIA Form.

For Construction Parking Permits, Sidewalk Closures, and Street Closures please contact the Engineering Division (Public Works Department)

Engineering Division:

Administrative Assistant
1095 Duane St., 1st Floor, Astoria OR 97103

(503) 338-5173