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Mayor: Sean Fitzpatrick

Sean FitzpatrickSean Fitzpatrick
503-325-5824 (City Hall)

Welcome to Astoria, Oregon, the Oldest Settlement West of the Rockies!  I'm Sean Fitzpatrick and I'm proud to be the 37th Mayor of Astoria, elected in 2022 after having had the honor to serve since 2013 on the Astoria Planning Commission. If we haven't met, I hope that you will feel comfortable approaching me and introducing yourself, sharing your personal concerns or ideas, or even just your love of Astoria.

After spending childhood summers working on the hay crew with my uncle and cousins, bucking hay from Knappa to Jewell to Lewis & Clark, then watching lingering sunsets from the banks of Youngs Bay, I committed to making Astoria my home.  

Focused on housing, my working life has been spent in the real estate industry.  I started cleaning up construction sites as a young teen, studied finance and property management in college, and eventually helped to create, maintain, manage and upgrade hundreds of units that have provided housing to thousands of people.  I still look for excuses to work out at the farm or around our properties in town, and marvel at my good fortune for being able to live here.

Surrounded on three sides by water, and forests that fan out to the South and East, Astoria has a vibrant downtown and several distinct and unique neighborhoods and business districts.  Both our North and South Slopes have unmatched water views with forested hills in the background.  The Mighty Columbia River, Youngs River and Lewis and Clark River all meet at our western shore, then flow together to join the Pacific Ocean.  There is no place on earth more beautiful than Astoria, whether during a winter storm or summer sunset.  

Astoria is a historic city filled with hard-working folks who happily find time to volunteer in their community.  Our city staff, elected leaders and appointed officials are considerate, competent and passionate individuals, committed to doing what is best for Astoria and Astorians.  I look forward to continuing the tradition of past Mayors of Astoria who have helped to make Astoria one of the most livable and interesting cities in our nation.