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Utility Assistance Program

If you are having trouble paying your current water/sewer bill, you may be eligible for Financial Assistance if you are at or below the federal income level in the table below.

Any credit and/or waived fees which may be authorized will be applied to the amount you owe. However, processing for a credit qualification may take more time than is allowed for the turn off notice, so you must still pay your current bill. The due date is not waived because you are applying for a credit. If you do not pay your bill in full, you will be turned off.

Utility Assistance Program Application Process

  1. Customers may contact the Water/Sewer Department at (503) 338-5172, at any time, to obtain program information and to complete an application;
    • The City Utility Clerk will review delinquent accounts and provide Utility Assistance Program information to customers when following up on expected payments;
  2. An initial phone assessment will take place to determine eligibility;
    • Water conservation educational materials will be provided;
  3. An eligibility verification appointment will be scheduled at which time the customer will present their documentation, which includes the following:
    • An identification card; and
    • Proof of income for the past 30 days;
    • If applicable, the green door hanger notice or gold late notice (customers do not need to have received a late notice or shut-off alert in order to apply for assistance)
    • The resident will be required to sign a form attesting to and listing all members within the household.
  4. If approved, eligible residents will:
    • Have late fees and door hanger fees waived (as applicable);
    • Receive a credit applied to their utility bill based on the table below;
    • Be provided with water conservation educational materials.
UAP Credit Guideline Table 
Family Size  Monthly Income Potential Credit
1 $1,792 $25
2 $2,344 $50
3 $2,895 $75
4 $3,446 $90
5 $3,998 $100
6 or more $4,549 $125

Gross income means all household income before any deductions