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Wed, Jun 03, 2020

The City of Astoria has adopted a temporary policy for outdoor sidewalk seating to allow businesses, such as food service establishments that operate consistent with the Governor’s executive orders and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) phases, to expand their food service areas to public sidewalks.  Under this new policy a permit from the City of Astoria would not be required if certain standards are met.


With COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing limits, this interim policy will temporarily allow businesses to place tables and chairs on the sidewalk until businesses can operate at full capacity. To do this, guidelines have been adopted to ensure that these objects on sidewalks are appropriately located to address accessibility while providing flexibility for businesses to expand service. Tables and chairs associated with businesses such as food and beverage service are allowed on sidewalks and passageways within street rights-of-way without a permit in accordance with the following prescriptive standards:


  • The business owners position the table and chairs to provide a five-foot unobstructed pedestrian circulation path on the sidewalk in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • The tables and chairs are located adjacent to the building and do not encroach into the five-foot pedestrian circulation path, as defined by the ADA.If the tables and chairs cannot comply with this provision, a tables and chair permit can be requested under other city code provisions.
  • Equipment, tables and chairs are placed only along the front of the business, or with written permission, along the front of the neighboring business.
  • The number of tables and chairs permitted is limited to the length of the street frontage and shall not encroach into the five-foot pedestrian circulation path per ADA, or within six feet of a corner.
  • All measurements shall be taken from the building façade to the inside of the curb.
  • Shade structures, umbrellas and tents are not allowed on the sidewalk.

Click here to view the Resolution and complete list of standards. pdf Document.


Additionally, utility providers have stated that no tables, chairs or other equipment may obstruct utility facilities that would require 24-7 access (i.e. vault lids, man hole covers, etc). In the event of an emergency, electric or emergency personnel access will take precedence. Businesses owners will be responsible for moving patrons and furniture in the event that utility/emergency personnel require immediate access.


Please contact Barbara Fryer, City Planner for more information at bfryer@astoria.or.us or 503-338-5183

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